FEATURE Advanced Review Support

In system and software development, reviews are essential to ensure the quality of design results. It is required to appropriately record the remarks detected in the review and to take action on those remarks without omission.

By linking Next Design and Lightning Review, a series of activities such as reviewing design information on the design tool, intuitively recording the findings, correcting the findings, and checking the correction results can be performed in a one-stop operation.

  • Easily record review findings

    Operations such as adding review remarks can be performed from the Next Design UI, so review records can be completed in Next Design.
    Lightning Review functions that support intuitive review, such as the screen capture function of the pointed out points, can be used as they are.
    The model structure of Next Design can be automatically analyzed, and information on the points pointed out can be automatically recorded just by intuitive operation of the point out record, so there is no need to reorganize the information afterwards.

  • Review status at a glance on the design tool

    The contents of the design points are displayed on the design screen, so you can check at a glance where the review points are located and what kind of points are indicated.
    The number of review points and their action status are color-coded and displayed for each design information, so you can get a bird's eye view of how well the design has turned out.
    If you update the status of review comments in Lightning Review, the display in Next Design will also be updated, allowing you to check the review status seamlessly.
    Even if review records are divided into multiple files, they can be aggregated and displayed, so the entire review status can be grasped at once.

  • Speedy Review

    By creating templates of review viewpoints and review participants in advance, reviews can be started immediately.
    When correcting or checking review remarks, you can narrow down the list to only those remarks for which you are responsible, so you can quickly find the remarks you need to address.
    After correcting a review point, you can move from the design screen to the review record screen with a single click, which speeds up the recording of correction results.