Support for distributed development using FEATUREGit

Git, a distributed version control system, is rapidly becoming popular in the development field.
By integrating Next Design and Git, in addition to general operations such as committing and branch creation, 3-way merging when conflicts occur can be operated and executed on Next Design, enabling smooth operation of Git.

  • Git operations are completed on Next Design

    Basic Git commands such as commit and push can be operated from Next Design.
    There is no need to move to a configuration management tool for each Git operation, and the design can be completed efficiently in Next Design.

  • Differences are clearly visible on Next Design

    The differences between the current and commit histories, the differences between changes before staging, and the differences when conflicts occur can be checked on Next Design.
    This allows you to commit and merge after confirming the changes in advance.

  • Unique tools provide advanced support for merging and conflict resolution

    We provide our own tools to assist in the merging required for distributed development using Git.
    Unlike normal text-based merging, logical inconsistencies in the model can also be detected as conflicts.
    When a conflict occurs, a 3-way merge can be performed while checking the changes on Next Design to resolve the conflict.