FEATURE Support for large team development

Large-scale systems are usually developed in a distributed manner across companies, departments and sites.

Next Design includes a variety of support functions, such as the division of the scope of work for development by multiple teams, and integration with configuration management systems.

  • Multiview of differences before and after changes

    You can compare the differences with previous projects and revisions to identify changes.

    The difference view also supports multiple views, so you can intuitively see from different perspectives that you are updating the intended areas as intended.

  • Dividing the design into multiple files

    The design information can be split by the user into arbitrary file units. This allows multiple teams to develop in parallel, or to use files from other projects as a basis for development. These files can later be merged into one or split into smaller files, giving you the flexibility to manage files according to your organisation's structure. Only the necessary files can be provided to each design team member, allowing for flexible operation even when development is carried out across multiple companies, such as commissioned development.

  • Linked to the configuration management system

    Exclusivity control through a configuration management system is important when multiple teams are working together. Next Design is tightly integrated with Subversion, so you can see who is editing, perform exclusive locks and commits, all from within Next Design.

  • Partial loading makes even large projects light work

    It is now possible to specify and partially load any model file in a project file.
    This allows designers to focus on the areas of the design data they want to view and edit, making Next Design quick and easy to use, even for large projects.