UML/SysML Package V2.1 is now available

Thank you for your interest in Next Design.

We are pleased to announce the release of UML/SysML Package V2.1 as an extended content for Next Design.
In this update, state transition tables have been added. State machine diagrams can now be switched to state transition tables for mutual editing, allowing designers to check for missing transitions.

Screen image of state transition table

Target Package

Extended Content > UML/SysML Packages

Update Summary

  • State transition table added.
    • State machine diagram and state transition table (state x trigger) views can be switched to edit each other. Values in the diagram and table are updated in real time.
    • The areas with transitions or without transitions can be highlighted in color.
    • Instead of a transition, the trigger can be ignored or annotated with the information that it cannot happen.
    • Transitions for which no triggers are defined can be checked.

Please refer to the following release notes for more information.

User's Manual > Packages > UML/SysML > Release Notes > V2.1

How to install

To install this package, please refer to the following manual

User's Manual > Packages > UML/SysML > Quick Start > Install UML/SysML Package

If you are already using the previous version, please follow this procedure to migrate your package.